James William Harter & Noreen Creegan Harter

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Had Been Missing Since September Of Last Year

     James W. Harter, MM 2/c, USN, son of Mrs. J. L. Harter and the late Mr. J. L. Harter, who has been missing since Sept. 11, 1943 has now been officially reported dead. He enlisted May 1, 1941, and had served aboard the destroyer USS Rowan, for two years, taking part in the invastion of Africa, Sicily, and the mainland invasion of Italy.

     He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Noreen C. Harter and mother, Mrs. J. L. Harter; one brother Laurie Harter of Milton and four sisters: Mrs. Clarence Chavers, Mrs. Grady Broxson, and Mrs. Whit Broxson, of Milton, and Mrs. G. R. Mellon of Los Angeles.

     The Rowan was sunk by a torpedo which scored a direct hit on the magazine room, causing heavy loss of life.

Local Boy Honored By Boston Memorial

     In Boston, Mass., upon Boston Common, Tremont Street side, opposite Temple Place, has been erected a Roll of Honor. And upon this Roll of Honor will be placed the name of James William Harter, well know local boy, who has given his life in the service of his country.

     The letter to Mrs. Harter read in part; "At the direction of the Mayor, we are sending you the enclosed autographed photograph of the Roll of Honor. The Mayor felt that you would want to have this picture as a remembrance of the sacred honor which the people of Boston are now paying and will forever pay, to the memory of our late comrade. The record of his supreme sacrifice honors you likewise for the great and unselfish contribution you have made to God and country."

     "Jim Harter," as he was known to his friends here, was serving as second class petty oficer aboard of the modern destroyers, the USS Rowan, when it was torpedoed and sunk on Sept. 11, 1943. His family was notified that he was missing, but carried on in the best tradition of American families, hoping and praying for his safety. Finally after the lapse of a year and a day, he was officially reported dead on September 12, 1944.

     Friends of the family share with them the pride in the knowledge, that while memory of him will live forever in the hearts of those who love him, public recognition and memorial of the Roll of Honor will forever stand before all men.

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