Green and Wise Histories

Juanita Green and Comer Martin Roosevelt Wise were wonderful grandparents. I loved going to their house.  It was in the woods and we could run and play all day. Grandmama was the best cook.  Her pound cake could not be matched.  Also her fried chicken, fried bread, dumplings, ho cakes, just everything she made.  I loved watching her make biscuits.  She made them right there in the flour dish.  Her hands worked so delicately moving the flour, milk and other ingredients around in that dish.  I was just amazed.  Grand-daddy always had a garden.  There were crops of watermelon, corn, sugarcane, peas, butterbeans, and a bunch of other vegetables.  He was great when we were walking through the garden with him, he would take a stalk of sugarcane and cut us a piece to chew on.